Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Documenting Delhi

During my last two weeks in India, I was an “expert” on a National Geographic Expeditions tour through India's northern triangle: Delhi, Rajastan, Agra. On this part of my trip, I was in photo heaven, documenting the brilliant swirl of life that is much of India. Here’s a peek at Delhi. Will post pictures for the rest of the week.

At the India gate.

Pilgrim at the Qtub Minar.


At the Qtub Minar.

At the Friday Mosque.

At Hanuman's tomb.

At the Friday Mosque.

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Wendee Holtcamp said...

I see what you mean about loving the amazing colors of India .All these photos are amazing. I especialy love the one at Hanuman's tomb because of the way the light is coming through the walkway and illuminating the tree.